Touchless Automatic Hand Clean Dispenser Wall Mounted

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Gel Compatibility

Suitable for Soap liquid or gel.

Advanced Contactless Operation

Automatic operation, infrared sensing technology,contactless type prevent cross infection.

Precise Soap Dispensing Control

Only one drop of soap released from hand-free dispenser,control flow and avoid extravagance.

LED Indicator Functionality

The LED flashes three(3) times means to indicate in use mode; The LED continues to flash blue to indicate low battery.

Independent Key Parts for Maintenance

All key parts are independent for easy maintenance.

Damage-Resistant Separable Components

Container assembly and dispenser mechanism are 100%separable. So that mechanism is free from damage by soap.

Long Battery Life Span

50,000 drops/cycles (Alkaline battery) or one year.

Sensor Safety Regulations

Nothing is allowed within 300mm of NOZZLE or SENSORASSEMBLY.

Durable Stainless Steel Build

Stainless steel material, suitable for various cleaning products or alcoholic disinfection supplies.

Robust Anti-Theft Feature

Anti-theft lock design, the function is strong, saves the electricity.

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Product Description

MaterialStainless Steel 304#
Induction distance3-10cm
Product size110x275x106(mm)
Soap capacity1-1.5ml
Packing size140x305x155(mm)
UsageSchool, Hotel, Office, Factory, Restaurant, Home, Hospital, All public places



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